Veronica, 6 year old from Uganda, gets prosthetic arm!

Veronica, a 6 year old girl in Uganda, received her prosthetic February 2017! Thank you to The Giving Circle for all the great work that you do and asking us to be a part of this. We hope that this arm helps Veronica and makes her happy. She is such a sweet little girl! We hope that some of our e-NABLE members will be able to go to Uganda this summer to help The Giving Circle and meet Veronica.

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Assembly meeting for Veronica’s arm (Oct 19)

At tonight’s assembly meeting we worked on putting together the parts that we 3D printed in the past week for Veronica’s green and purple heart arm. It was a productive meeting! We thermoformed the forearm and put together the palm and fingers. We will need to print out another cuff so we plan to have another printed before our next assembly meeting to continue the process.

Meeting 4/19/15

We are currently printing out yellow fingers for Jack’s Iron Man hand and still need to print out the snap pins and case for the palm light. We have red fingers printed so we have started the assembly process but need the pins and yellow fingers in order to complete it. We also figured out how the light is going to be connected on the palm of his hand.

Capital District Printathalon

Hi everyone! During the 18th-20th of September, our e-NABLE group will be involved in a 3D printing expo, called the Capital District Printathalon, that will gather all 3D printing enthusiasts, students, teachers, companies, etc. under one roof to show off some of our accomplishments and learn about the newest advancements in 3D printing technology. If anyone is interested in learning more about the weekend-long event, please visit the dedicated website: or contact us for more information on how to get involved with this exciting new event!

Jack Carder’s Iron Man Hand

Check out the amazing video that Siena College put together for us, outlining the process behind Jack’s Iron Man Hand!

Meeting 4/15/2015

Tonight we worked on the tracer paper for Brandon, printed out the fingers for Jack’s hand, worked on creating our own new personal design and e-mailed potential new members to join our chapter.


Meeting 4/14/2015

Tonight e-NABLE Siena printed logo buttons for fundraising bracelets.  We will be selling them in the SSU tomorrow during free period and throughout the rest of the semester. Our Marketing team finished up our team flyers. Our Assemblers worked on building the new printer and it is a working progress.

Meeting 4/12/15

We have finished the tracer paper and sent it off to Jack so that he can return it with his hand traced over it. A few members worked on printing some buttons for bracelets that we are going to sell to the public and now we are getting ready to print out parts for Jack’s hand!

e-NABLE Siena represented at the Rochester Symposium at SUNY Geneseo

Joey Fairley gave a talk yesterday at the Rochester Symposium for Undergraduate Research on Biomedical Applications to 3D Printing. He presented his research into using the InMoov 3D printed, life-size robot open source project developed by Gael Langevin, a French model maker and sculptor. Joey experimented with using the forearm and hand of the robot for its application to a practical prosthetic device. He analyzed the grip strength, durability, and overall practicality of the hand to see if it could be implemented for a recipient. The design of the hand and forearm are similar to the myoelectric design that Albert Manero and his team produced for the Iron Man themed Limbitless arm. The slides of Joey’s presentation can be found here –> Biomedical Applications Of 3D Printing.  Joey also tied in his work with e-NABLE to the presentation, which received great interest from the audience, and he even recruited two new e-NABLERS in the process!


RSPS 2015

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