Need A Hand?

Are you in need of an upper-limb prosthetic? We can never guarantee a solution, but hopefully we can either help or connect you with others who are better able to work with you.

Here’s a set of steps to help us determine if or how we can best help you out.  

Steps for recipients in need of an upper-limb prosthetic:

  1. First email with details about yourself (name, age, where you’re from, gender) as well as photos. Use the measurement guide (link to pdf). It is important to have high quality photos so that we can take accurate measurements. If you have any questions about the instructions/process please email us! Wait until you hear from us to continue the process.
  2. Based on your photos, we will be able to determine if our e-NABLE group can help you. This will be based on your specific needs and our availability. We will determine which prosthetic design would best fit your needs.
  3. Now you will need to formally go through Enabling the Future and the Enable Community Foundation. Please click here  ( to fill out this form. Under “Need a Hand?” you will click on “1. Start by filling out our intake form” on this page. Then, click “here”. When you come to the question, “Are you already working with anyone within e-NABLE?”, please put that you are working with the e-NABLE Siena College group in Loudonville, NY.
  4. If we are able to work with you, let us know if you would like a particular design for your prosthetic (i.e. color, theme, etc.). For example, in the past we have made Iron Man, Frozen, and Terminator themed prosthetics. We’ll do our best!


For more information on the process of making a hand, click here.