Job Groups

Job Outline:

Fabricator- Responsibilities include: Utilize the Cura and Makerbot Desktop software and Ultimaker2 and Makerbot 3D Printers to produce quality prints. Collaborate with 3D-Designer to utilize SolidWorks in order to make specific modifications if needed. Collaborate with Assembly to make sure they know which pieces are which and they can assemble the devices easily.

Assembly- Responsibilities include: Collaborate with Fabricator as seen above. Know how to size the device carefully with the use of the Handomatic software, or make different measurements with the 3D-Designer. Know how to use Tracker to make measurements of the recipients hand from the pictures they submit. Be able to troubleshoot broken parts and work with Fabricator to repair them.

3D-Designer- Responsibilities include: Collaborate with Fabricator and Assembly as seen above. Be able to sketch and design objects in SolidWorks for the Research & Development aspect of this project. Discuss problems with current e-NABLE hand designs as well as improve their designs and decide on solutions to fix the problems.

Social Media Representative- Responsibilities include: Collaborate with the Fabricator, Assembly, and 3D-Designer in order to stay up to date with all of the happenings of the group. Will need to manage the Facebook page, website and Instagram account. Also will need to communicate with the faculty advisor and any potential corporate sponsor to keep them up to date on happenings and to make sure it represents Siena College in a positive way. Will also be in charge of setting up booths to grab attention and educate others on our e-NABLE chapter.

Finance- Responsibilities include: Collaborate with Fabricator to keep track of how much filament is used. Will also manage donations, money spent and other financial needs of the group.

Fundraising- Responsibilities Include: Discuss ideas to help our e-NABLE chapter raise money. Create/design graphic art for our booths/items that can promote our chapter.

Matcher- Collaborate with Enabling the Future’s head matcher, Melina Brown to accomplish tasks directed by her. This can entail:

-matching recipients with volunteers

-determining the types of hands recipients would best be suited for

-familiarity with Lia Deitz measurement guide

-familiarity with Google Streak and Google Drive