About e-NABLE Siena

e-NABLE Siena College is a non-profit, volunteer organization modeled after Enabling the Future. e-NABLE “uses 3D printing to give the world a helping hand”. We emulate this mission by reaching out to our surrounding community in the same fashion. As part of the Siena College Franciscan community, we work together in friendship and respect; service to the poor and marginalized; and commitment to building a world that is more just and humane. Our organization’s commitment promotes the health of others, specifically those who are in need of an upper-limb prosthetic. We collaborate with, and learn from e-NABLE in order to further our influence and impact on our community.

e-NABLE’s process matches recipients with chapters such as ours who print and assemble a custom hand or arm, delivering and guiding them through the possible range of movements. With the help and guidance of e-NABLE, we hope to extend our influence beyond what we can accomplish in the classroom.

Interested in starting a chapter of e-NABLE at your school?
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