Those Who Received a Helping Hand

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Columbus, OH

  Jack e-Nable  Jack e-Nabl

                       Jack e-Nable

Jack is a five year old boy from Ohio who loves Iron Man! For this case, we designed a custom hand for him using the existing Cyborg Beast design in order to give him his own Iron Man hand.

New Orleans, LA

Brandon is a happy-go-lucky guy from New Orleans, and has chosen a Terminator theme for his hand! His is all silver and modeled after the Cyborg Beast hand design. Brandon's Hand

Stillwater, NY

We were so excited to give Karissa her Frozen themed arm! She has a short palm, but not enough wrist strength for the hand designs so it allowed us to 3D print our first prosthetic arm. We used Enabling the Future’s UnLimbited Arm design ( The first step in the process for Karissa was to send us pictures so that we could take measurements using a software called Tracker ( Then, we worked on scaling the different parts of the arm to print it out at a size that would best fit Karissa. Once we were able to scale everything correctly, we worked on customizing the arm so that it would be perfect for her. We used TinkerCad (  to add snowflakes to the forearm, as well as her name and the Elsa crown to the cuff. As an exciting surprise, we used Solidworks ( to create the detachable Olaf LED holder that connected to the top of the hand. The complete process took about 5 months. We are so happy that Karissa loves her Frozen arm!


Here are some of the photos taken by Sandy Spicer on the day we delivered Karissa’s hand!
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Hand Detail 3Hand Detail 1Karissa's Hand Holding OlafHand Detail 2



Veronica, a 6 year old girl in Uganda, received a few prosthetic arms that our team have worked on! Thank you to the Giving Circle for all the great work that you do and asking us to be a part of this.

We were able to FaceTime  the founder of The Giving Circle, Mark Bertrand and a member on the board, Dr Manny Cirenza, when Veronica was presented with her prosthetic arm. Below are some pictures over FaceTime.


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Below are a few pictures from our team giving Mark and Manny the arms for Veronica.


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