e-NABLE Siena represented at the Rochester Symposium at SUNY Geneseo

Joey Fairley gave a talk yesterday at the Rochester Symposium for Undergraduate Research on Biomedical Applications to 3D Printing. He presented his research into using the InMoov 3D printed, life-size robot open source project developed by Gael Langevin, a French model maker and sculptor. Joey experimented with using the forearm and hand of the robot for its application to a practical prosthetic device. He analyzed the grip strength, durability, and overall practicality of the hand to see if it could be implemented for a recipient. The design of the hand and forearm are similar to the myoelectric design that Albert Manero and his team produced for the Iron Man themed Limbitless arm. The slides of Joey’s presentation can be found here –>¬†Biomedical Applications Of 3D Printing. ¬†Joey also tied in his work with e-NABLE to the presentation, which received great interest from the audience, and he even recruited two new e-NABLERS in the process!


RSPS 2015

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