Meeting 4/7/15

Today we broke off into several groups to keep things moving along. We continued troubleshooting the PrintrBot while another group created a “trace paper” to send to Jack. This piece of paper will have an outline of the measurements that we think should fit his hand. Then Jack will trace his hand over our trace and send it back to us. This way the hand we make will be more accurate. We also worked on assembling the test Cyborg Beast that we have finished printing. Another group worked on furthering the design of Jack’s Iron Man hand and trying to get his name engraved on his hand. ┬áNext Wednesday we will have a table set up in the SSU to get our name out there so we also worked on a flyer to hand out. A member is also going to be making bracelets to sell for our table next week so are trying to design and 3D print a button to go on each bracelet that is made.

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