Meeting 4/8/15

In the beginning of tonight’s meeting we discussed colors and details about the bracelets we will be selling starting next week. Some members created a flyer for ordering the bracelets and fine-tuned the other flyer to hand out to people in the SSU next week. Also, a group tried to finish the PrintrBot assembly but are having minor complications. Meanwhile our design team was busy designing and testing the buttons for the bracelets while some other members worked on the trace paper for Jack.

Meeting 4/7/15

Today we broke off into several groups to keep things moving along. We continued troubleshooting the PrintrBot while another group created a “trace paper” to send to Jack. This piece of paper will have an outline of the measurements that we think should fit his hand. Then Jack will trace his hand over our trace and send it back to us. This way the hand we make will be more accurate. We also worked on assembling the test Cyborg Beast that we have finished printing. Another group worked on furthering the design of Jack’s Iron Man hand and trying to get his name engraved on his hand.  Next Wednesday we will have a table set up in the SSU to get our name out there so we also worked on a flyer to hand out. A member is also going to be making bracelets to sell for our table next week so are trying to design and 3D print a button to go on each bracelet that is made.

Meeting 3/31/15

We have finished assembling the PrintrBot 3D printer and have some minor calibration issues to figure out. At the moment we are heavily involved with taking measurements and customizing Jack’s and Brandon’s hands, while at the same time, finishing a test print of the Cyborg Beast. We are making great progress and have also started fundraising to support the production of more hands for future recipients. We will soon be forming a charity named “Hand In Hand”, but until then, we have set up the option to donate through GoFundMe. For just $30 you can sponsor a recipient in need!

Meeting 3/30/15

Today we started off our meeting with discussing and voting on the name of a charity that our Siena College e-NABLE chapter will be creating. The name we chose for the charity is “Hand In Hand”. This led into us brainstorming graphics to represent the charity along with its name. While the meeting was underway, the printer was running non-stop printing our test prints for the Cyborg Beast hand. A few members brought up a great idea of creating a tracing paper that we can send to future recipients to get more precise measurements of their hands to ensure the most accurate prosthetic hand possible. While a group of students worked on the tracing paper, another group finished putting together the Printrbot 3D printer that was started last night. It is up and running and ready to start printing! Exciting things are happening with Siena e-NABLE!

Meeting 3/29/15

Tonight we met primarily to assemble our new PrintrBot Simple, that now accompanies our Ultimaker2 3D printer. We also began the sketches and 3D design of the Iron Man themed hand that we are building for our four year old recipient from Ohio. This design will include maximum customization of the coloring and additive features that will really take this hand to superhero capability! We are excited to undertake two recipients at once (the other is a man from New Orleans) and have just finished a test print of the Raptor Hand and currently printing out a test of the Cyborg Beast Hand.

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